Belgian Rail Freight Forum

Belgian Rail Freight Forum in the framework of Rail Freight Forward.

Rail freight operators call for more freight on the tracks.

Rail Freight Forward is a European association of rail freight operators who are strongly committed to dramatically reducing the negative impact of freight transport on mobility and the climate. This European interest association is composed of 18 members.

The Belgian Rail Freight Forum brings together rail freight operators active in Belgium. One of the Forum’s ambitions is to increase the volumes of goods transported by rail in Belgium and Europe. With a current transport model of 74% road transport and the forecasted 30% growth of the transport sector by 2030, a modal shift to goods transport by rail is a better socioeconomic solution for combatting the negative impacts on climate, mobility and health.

What do we want?

Driving a train through the country must become just as easy as dricing a truck. 

The ambition of the Forum is to increase the share of rail freight transport in Belgium from 10% (compared to 18% in Europe) to 16% (compared to 30% in Europe) by 2030.

Why is this necessary?

Freight transport expects an increase of 30% by 2030.

Freight transport in Belgium as well as in Europe is going to rise by 30% by 2030. Accelerated and dramatic innovation and investments in additional road capacity will not bring any relief. With the expected rise in demand for mobility and an unmodified policy, mobility is creating its own downfall.

It is imperative to work urgently on shifting freight transport from road to rail. Rail is a real and sustainable alternative that is readily available without major investments.

How can we achieve this shift?

By getting railway companies, infrastructure managers and policy makers in Belgium and Europe involved in the implementation of this modal shift.



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The Belgian Rail Freight Forum unites rail freight operators that are active in Belgium. The forum has the ambition to double the volumes of freight transport by rail in Belgium and Europe.

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